BBM MOD Brown versi Terbaru dan untuk Gingerbread

BBM MOD Simple Brown for Android Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollypop, Marsmallow and Up

Hello Guys.... today i will share to you about BBM MOD Brown. This BBM MOD Brown is base from BBM v2.13.1.14. The following is:

BBM MOD Brown features

- On Off Block Read
- On Off Full DP
- On Off Fab Chat and Contact
- On Off Sponsored
- Bom Text
- Running PM
- Reload BBM
- Progress Display Pictures
- Lock BBM
- Maintab Option Top and Bottom
- Many More


Andi Abdi hadi

BBM MOD Brown Screenshot

BBM MOD Brown versi Terbaru dan untuk Gingerbread
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Good evening and best wishes for all of us, on a beautiful evening and the wonderful chance anyway i'am as faqihpikmi admin comes back to greet my friends, to simply share interesting info that still surrounds Android Apps, where the discussion is still in the category of fuel MOD, well as whether the MOD BBM version this time? let's see together ..

Fuel MOD Simple Brown V2.9.0.51
a fuel MOD works agan Azhar Rivaldi, with the look and the concept of a light brown color, making the fuel MOD this can be said to be different, even though at first glance looks standard and simple as the title suggests, but make no mistake, there are many unique features additional already prepared for my friends who again tried to fuel new MOD or want to replace the old version with a new, well fitted for this version has been specially made for my friends, especially for those who love the color brown, 

As I said earlier about the extra features are different, there are some I can tell whom the Analog clock (analog clock) can be seen in the screenshot, there is also Transparency DP, ie DP in use can be made form squares, circles etc. , as desired, cool is not ... there is also Auto Text, whose function is similar to the PING button, yap, so when my friends turn this feature on the chat window, my friends can write a sentence or a word what you want made in automation text, so it can be sent much just simply press the button that has been provided, for example you write in AutoText setting with the word "Testing" then when clicked the button will display the word Testing once, clicked again reappear, click continue suit my friends , 

Well there is also Device info, this allows my friends know the fuel MOD ID, so get the hell MOD look at this fuel, other features .. my friends can check directly below .. 

The following is a descibe about BBM Simple Brown v2.9.0.51 Apk :

Feature :
New Style Profile
Addition drawer menu in the main menu (slide to the right of the main menu)
Cover change Profile
Private Mode with password
AutoText (For the make automatical text when you sending to your friend)
Toggle Music
Analog Clock
Devie Info
DP Animation shimmer
Flexible DP
And Many more .... 

Thanks to :
Allah SWT
Prophet Muhammad SAW
parents ..
you kiss emoticon

Credit :

Trangga ken ..
Dhian rusidana ..
Ramsi ..
Yoyoxs (if not wrong name) colonthree emoticons
and other masta2 ..
kesebut who have not been able pm ane ..
All member of BBM Modder

Screenshot :

BBM Simple Brown v2.9.0.51 Apk

BBM Simple Brown v2.9.0.51 Apk

BBM Simple Brown v2.9.0.51 Apk

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How to Install BBM Simple Brown v2.9.0.51 :
  • Make sure the file was downloaded extension (ending) .apk, because it is the file extension for android apps
  • If you downloaded via PC, then grab the file and put it in the smartphone desired folder, then make sure the factory default fuel or fuel that has been installed already MOD you uninstall and disable it completely, then install the new fuel MOD
  • When using fuel MOD Clone version, then immediately install it


BBM Simple Brown v2.9.0.51 Apk

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