Mobile Legends : Bang bang Mod Apk+Data Latest Version Update Mei 2017

Free Download Mobile Legends : Bang bang Mod Apk+Data Latest Version Update Mei 2017 - Hai Sob.. kali ini saya akan berbagi game terpopuler berjudul Mobile Legends. Game ini merupakan game keren yang membutuhkan strategi yang handal dan kerjasama team yang keren. Game ini menyediakan banyak sekali heroes dengan karakter dan skill yang berbeda-beda. Game mobile legends heroes ini mempunyai gameplay dan control yang mudah banget...

Kalian pernah bermain Dota 2 for pc? Jika iya, tentunya kalian sudah tahu gambaran gameplay dari Mobile Legends Bang Bang Apk Mod unlimited gems ini karena game ini bisa disebut game dota 2 for mobile/android. Gameplay dari game mobile legends ini butuh kesabaran,ketelitian, dan kecerdasan dalam mengatur strategi. Untuk memenangkan game ini, kalian harus bisa mempertahankan arena kalian dengan baik dan menyerang pertahanan lawan.

Di game ini, kalian bisa join dengan teman-teman kalian diseluruh dunia. Game petualangan yang satu ini, bisa kalian download secara gratis lho....

Mobile Legend Offline Screenshot

 Mobile Legend Offline Screenshot
Mobile Legend Offline Screenshot
Mobile Legend Offline Screenshot
Mobile Legend Offline Screenshot
Mobile Legend Offline Screenshot

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod Features

  1. 5v5 real-time battle against a real opponent. Against three lanes to take the enemy towers. 4 forest area. 18 defense towers. 2 Wild boss. Fix reproduction classic map MOBA. Complete in 5c5, Human vs. Human Battle. A triumphant return to the original MOBA game.
  2. Block enemies damage control and heal your teammates! Choose from tanks, wizards, shooters, assassins, stands, etc., to anchor your team or match MVP! New heroes continue to be released!
  3. Like classic MOBAs, there are no heroes or paid training statistics. Winners and losers decide on skills and abilities in a fair and balanced platform for a competitive game. I play to win, not pay to win.
  4. With the virtual joystick on the left and the button on the right knowledge, 2 finger is all you need to become a master! Automatic locking and filtering goals allow you to last hit your heart's content. Do not miss out And the faucet system to equip an easy to use that allows you to focus on the excitement of battle!
  5. Coincidence only takes 10 seconds, and the last 10 minutes of fighting, floating on a quiet start the game and enter fully into a fierce battle. Expect less tedious and repetitive farming, and more exciting pumping action and victory. In every place, at any time, pick up your phone, start the game, and combine yourself with the competition that MOBA hitting.
  6. In most MOBA, medium drop connections make your computer dry, but with a strong reconnection system Legends mobile, if dropped, you can backtrack into a battle in a matter of seconds. And when you're not connected, your character will be controlled by the artificial intelligence system to avoid a 5-on-4 situation.

Informasi tentang Game

Game Name : Mobile Legends
Kategori : Strategi game
Version :
Requirements : Android 4.0.3 and Up
Offered by : Monton
File Format : Apk

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